MoMo - it's a Japanese sculpture it isn't real!

After being destroyed by the Japanese Artist, MoMo received worldwide attention. The original sculpture, called Mother Bird, shows a human-style head with long dark hair spread sparsely over the creature's forehead, enormous round eyes, an over sized mouth and a flattened nose. The naked creature has the feet of a bird and not much of a torso. It was built in 2016 and displayed at Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo. 

The Momo challenge was an online game, shared on messaging services like WhatsApp, that tried to convince young children to commit violence or even suicide.

It made headlines  for allegedly causing the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina. While it has been refuted by various police agencies worldwide due to lack of evidence, the hysteria surrounding the Momo challenge grew, sparking other iterations of the challenge.

With the viral news controversary MoMo caused, just how bad is it for children to be connected to the online world via games consoles, smartphones, tablets, mobile phones and PC?

Or even a more worrying question do parents know what they're children are doing online, what games they are playing even on their games console who they are communicating with?

Justin Dawson interviewed  Cliona Curley from Cybersafe Ireland and asked how to protect minors from abuse online.

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Please note that we will be creating several instructional videos explaining parental controls for tablets, PC and smart phones which will be available here shortly.

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