Lets blame the heat wave summer for missing our monthly August episode!

In this months episode of All Things TechIE, Simon couldn't make it into studio due to the fact he is so busy with installations.

The latest news:

  • Samsung releases the Galaxy S9
  • Meanwhile Apple goes big with the iPhone X series. Phones are getting bigger and bigger. Do you actually want them this big or would you rather buy a tablet? Or better still, would you buy one of these devices for your young son or daughter for Christmas?

We've moved from our regular production of All Things TechIE to an episode we believe may become a small series on the topic of how some global AV professionals got involved in the world of Audio Visual. The idea of this topic originated during the summer when Simon and I were discussing the Leaving Certificate Irish state examinations and both of us came to a conclusion that neither of us dreamt that we were going to end up in the world of Audio Visual.

So is it easy to enter the world of Audio Visual? Do many AV Professionals plan that this is the career they wanted to take as a young 17 or 18 year old who has just finished their state examinations? Is there enough courses to assist with young people wanting to pursue audio visual as a career?

This programme has received a massive response which has resulted in a small series on "How I got involved in AV" which will be part of our monthly podcast. 

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