Whoops Justin said episode 7 on the beginning of this show. We're actually on Episode 9!

Welcome to this episode of All Things TechIE where Justin starts off with a personal message thanking all the fans of the show for their support during a recent family bereavement in his family with the loss of his late Dad Bobby. Justin also thanks the fans for their votes in the AVNation.TV Readers Choice Awards where Justin has been awarded AV Professional of the Year for 2018.

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www.AllThingsTech.IE  @SimonLangAV  @JustinRDawson #AllThingsTechIE


In this episode:

  • We discuss this is the first of maybe 3 shows this month as Justin and Simon will attend AES (The Audio Engineering Society) convention next week in the CCD Dublin.
  • AVoIP (AV over IP) the pros and cons, and what to do when it goes horribly wrong!
  • AVaaS (AV as a Service) is it another name for an SLA (Standard Level Agreement)?
  • The MoMo Challenge, was it just a big hoax?
  • How do we keep our children safe online?
  • Samsung vs Huwaii with the latest foldable phones
  • New regulations to USB
  • and much more!

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