Episode 2 - June 2018

Welcome to Episode 2 of All Thing TechIE

It's been a crazy busy month for AV and Tech with Google I/O, GDPR becoming live, Changes within Avixa Europe, InfoComm 2018 and Facebook with more legal issues.

In this show we cover

  • Yanny vs Laurel. How audio frequencies can make you hear different words. We explain how
  • We review the Google Home against the Google Mini and whether or not its worthwhile buying a Google Home over Alexa, HomePod or a knock off from China?
  • How much data does an Echo, Google Home or HomePod keep on their customers?
  • GDPR and how will it affect the AV industry
  • Google banned adverts in the Irish referendum on the 8th Ammendment, Facebook didnt. Why?
  • LinkedIn are now surveying accounts to give an average on salaries based on your job. Though nothing yet for Audio Visual roles. Would you like to know the average salary for your AV role?
  • InfoComm 2018, what was new and what worked better than ISE 
  • Best AV Apps on Google Play and Apple, let us know your favorite

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