Episode 21 of the All Things TechIE podcast.

A completely unscripted show where we are joined by guests who are AV and Technology professionals from across the world, both public and private sector to discuss how easy, or difficult it is to work from home.

Not forgetting the technologists and AV pro's who are working behind the scenes to make sure that Higher Ed and private sector companies run flawlessly during the Covid19 pandemic.

Justin Dawson is joined by:

  • Graham Kirkpatrick - NEC (UK)
  • Michell Loret - Mostly AV Podcast CoHost (USA)
  • Chris Neto - Starin Marketing (USA)
  • Noel Kennedy - Involve (UK)
  • Mike Slammer - Discovery Channel (USA)
  • Adam Harvey - Uni of Herts (UK)
  • Joe Way - Uni of Southern California (USA)

We asked -

  • Who should provide the technology to work from home? Should employees be using their own equipment?
  • Whats the best Virtual Meeting software to us?
  • Whats the recommended hardware?
  • How should you set up your home office to work remotely?
  • The pressures of children at home while you work

We learn how Joe Way has been testing work remotely and Online Learning at the Uni of Herts where they had 18,000 live Zoom calls operating simultaneously. But this is dwarfed by Mike Slammer and his stats for the Discovery channel!

The UK is putting plans in place and Adam Harvey speaks about what Higher Ed is doing in the UK and the Uni of Herts.

How will Covid19 affect AV shows such as InfoComm 2020?

Do employers both private and public sector trust employees to work from home correctly? Chris Neto gives his views.

We discussed what Covid19 would have been like 10 years ago without the technology the world has now.

Of course we welcome comments and feedback on the show. We covered several angles and will probably do another similar show as the Covid19 pandemic continues to grow and disrupt working conditions globally.

To get in contact with the show:

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