Recorded 19th March 2020 as Ireland celebrated quietly its St Patrick's Day festivities 2 days earlier. We still continue to work remotely, several job losses across Ireland as pubs, schools and playgrounds are closed due to COVID-19. Meanwhile we speak to guests from the UK and USA about what steps are being taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic spread and whether their company or Higher Education is ready for virtual meetings and working remotely.

Who will mind our children? Where will the Children play?


  • Mark Coxon - Tangram Interiors (USA)
  • Joe Way - Uni of Southern California (USA)
  • Michelle Lorrett - Mostly AV Podcast CoHost (USA)
  • Ifatt Chaudry - CDEC Ltd (UK)
  • Rob Hyde - Uni of Bath (UK)
  • Tim Albright - AVNation.TV (USA)
  • Jason Ward - Involve (UK)

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